Reviewed by Richard Wilson
Revision 1,  May 1, 2004

This device was supplied for review by and can be purchased from:

GPS Outfitters, Inc.
640 Airport Road
Winchester, VA  22602

If you want to use your GPS receiver inside a car, truck, or boat, but can't get a good enough view of the satellites for good reception, and the unit has an external antenna port, this antenna is what you need.  It is small and lightweight, and has a magnetic mount for steel surfaces.  It  will attach to an aluminum mounting plate (included) for fastening to other surfaces with screws, and also comes with sticky back Velcro pads for about any location.

It is very small: 2-5/16 x 1-7/8 x 9/16 thick and will go on the trunk lid or roof without creating any interference or problems and will be practically unnoticed.  It is completely waterproof and will operate in temperatures from -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F).  The input voltage can be as low as 2.5 Volts, so it will operate with a GPS unit that has only two AA batteries.  The max is 5.5 Volts which is above most GPS unit outputs.

It has a 5 meter (16 ft.) ultra-thin cable which should give you plenty of leeway for mounting.  The package includes 4 screw on cable connection adapters for any type of connection on your GPS unit.

I set up my GPS unit with it's standard antenna under tree cover and got signals from 4 or 5 satellites, but could not receive the WAAS satellite.  The accuracy was shown as 22 to 26 ft.  I attached the Titan III and got 7 or 8 satellites, plus the WAAS satellite, and accuracy was 14 to 18 ft.  Switching back and forth several times gave the same results.  I was also able to get a good signal inside my houseboat without having to put the antenna outside.  I was convinced the Titan III antenna greatly improved reception. 

Hikers can put their GPS in their backpack, and Velcro the antenna to the top of the backpack, or even on their hat.  Then they can go on their way unencumbered with nothing to carry in their hands.  If you have a custom van, or vehicle with a Fiberglas top, you can place the antenna up in one of the cabinets.  The antenna receives the signal through the roof with no trouble.

This antenna is a valuable addition to anyone's GPS accessories.