The Copper Canyon
13 Aug. 2007* by Jack Yeazel
Los Mochis to El Fuerte (fort) by Bus
(Introducing the Mexico Maps Topographic (INEGI) Maps from BiciMapas)
See (HERE) for instructions to automatically calibrate the topo maps in Ozi Explorer and  how to obtain the maps.

(Click on thumbnails for a larger views )

Los Mochis as rendered by Garmin's WorldMap (displayed by MapSource) and the topo Mexico Maps (displayed by Ozi Explorer).  Yellow and blue are GPS tracks recorded on the bus from Los Mochis to El Forte as Plotted on Garmin's WorldMap and the topo Mexico Maps.

 The train  (two tunnels visible) is the only transportation available from El Forte to the Copper Canyon.

Hotel Posada Barrancas Mirador overlooking the Copper Canyon
Hotel Appears "Bolted" to side of Cliff! - Balcony Scene of Canyon - Mexican and Native Music Entertainment

Comparison Of Garmin's WorldMap with the Mexico Maps 1:250,000 Maps in the Area of the Copper Canyon
(The mountains and recording tracks from first a train and then a bus window caused the most GPS 'havoc' here!)

Working with the 1:50,000 Topo Maps - Obtain the Three INEGI Index Maps (HERE)
The INEGI_2.jpg Index Map shows that the track near the Copper Canyon crosses two maps, G13A21 and G13A31.
BiciMapas charges a 10% fee over the map purchase total for doing the assembly -up to 12 maps.

The two maps stitched together, 50% resolution and 100% resolution - (Click on the above thumbnails).
"CC-APT" is a small landing strip and "LADDER" is where the local indians come up to the hotel to sell their wares.

 WorldMap * Westin Hotel - Dinner with Mexican Dancers and Music * Mexico Maps 1:250,000 Map
Bus Ride to the Westin Hotel.

Examples of the 1:50,000 Topo Maps available from Mexico Maps

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