Ordering 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 Topo Maps from Mexico Maps
Contact Mexico Maps via e-mail (HERE) Or,
Mark Walker, Mexico Maps, 3905 State St., Ste. 7-248, Santa Barbara CA 93105, TEL 805-687-1011

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Calibrating the maps in OziExplorer

The only files you need to copy to an Ozi folder are the .tif and .tfw files.  The .tif files aren't georeferenced, so Ozi doesn't know the UTM zone number needed in the Importing process.  However, the first two numbers in the map name is the UTM zone number.  Read more about calibrating Mexican DRG maps in OziExplorer by BiciMapas (HERE).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When importing a map, check the UTM zone number and if not the same as the map name, edit it.  The Projection of all the maps is UTM and the Datum of the 1:250,000 maps is NAD-27 CONUS, while the Datum of the 1:50,000 maps could be either NAD-27 CONUS or NAD-83 (also known as ITRF92).  One must check the map border to determine the correct horizontal datum.

1:250,000 Topo Maps

The 1:250,000 Digital-map Naming System is Similar to this Paper-map Naming System.
The digital maps will be of the form f1202.tif (taking the letter, zone, and the first number in the above index boxes.)
The 1:250,000 quads as sold as an individual DRG for $15.95 each or a set of all of the quads for $199.95

1:50,000 Topo Maps, Location Index

INEGI_INDEX for the 1:50,000 Topo Maps

The digital maps will be of the form G13A21.tif (taking the letter, zone, and the box number in the above index boxes.)
Download the full-resolution versions of the three index maps, already calibrated in OziExplorer from (HERE)

The 1:50,000 maps are $15.95 each (paper or digital format) available individually at http://www.mexicomaps.com
50K digital maps are delivered by post on CD or sent by FTP if needed.

This is the Key to Information Included on Each Block
The center color (which represents topographic data) is the most important.

INEGI Topo Maps of the Copper Canyon
Index Maps

(Click on these maps for larger views)
Maps A31 and A21 have been "stitched" together by BiciMapas.

 INEGI Topo Maps of Chihuahua
The thin blue line in the above seven maps are actual GPS tracks

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