Eastern Continental Divide along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
Click (HERE) to see the ECD in Georgia
(Divides drainage between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic)-by Jack Yeazel

Doug Adomatis has a site: http://www.travelbygps.com/guides/ECD/ecd.php which continues the ECD through North Carolina.  The site uses waypoint and route data in the new universal GPS format of *.gpx.  Download (THIS)  .gpx file, which can be read and transferred to your GPS using  G7ToWin and other free GPS software.

Unlike the ECD in Georgia, the Divide in North Carolina is clearly mapped, since it is the TVA Boundary that defines all water draining into the Tennessee River basin.

The graphic below uses G7ToWin to display the .gpx file on a Street Atlas-9 map.

The above map shows where the ECD (black) intersects the Blue Ridge Parkway (purple) near Mt. Mitchell.
The Divide then follows the Parkway eastward for about 40 miles to the Linville Falls area.
All the area NW of the ECD here is the TVA watershed boundary.

Locating the ECD Along the Blue Ridge Parkway:
In order to find the where the ECD crosses certain roads on the ground, we used Garmin's newest Custom Maps technology to load 1:24,000 DRG maps into a Dakota 20 unit.  This was done with G-Raster to convert the DRG maps into .kmz maps which the Dakota can recognize and another program, TVA DRG Repair Tool, since the TVA supplies the 24K maps (without the embedded georeferencing)  in this area.

Below are some Dakota screen shots made in the areas of interest as we used it to find the ECD road crossings.
The Divide is represented by a black Long-dash-short-dash line


In the space of about ten miles the ECD crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway seven times near Little Switzerland


About 10 miles SW of Little Switzerland at Buck Gap is the only known sign noting the ECD on the Parkway.
The sign isn't on the Parkway itself, but on Hwy. 80 crossing under it.  There are not many signs.

Another sign is where US 25 intersects I-26 and where it crosses Hwy 106 one of four times SW of Highlands.
(We will report on these crossings at a later date)

At the Little Switzerland Inn, the ECD runs through a cemetery surrounded by buildings of the inn.

1878 Buchanan Burial Ground Plaque

In the topo maps below, the Parkway is a solid red line, and the ECD is a long-dash-short-dash black line.
Within walking distance of our A-Frame at the Inn is the beautifully-restored home of Chris and Vivian Barry
-Sitting squarely on the the ECD (house icon below) where it crosses High Ridge Rd.  (They were not aware of this) .

A topo map of the Little Switzerland Chalet restaurant area shows the cemetery a very short distance SW of it.
And a short distance east of the (above) restored house is a "Hump" in Blands Knob Road (an ECD crossing).

About four miles east of Little Switzerland is the Minerals Museum where the ECD crosses Hwy. 226A
Just under the Parkway bridge (looking SW).

Looking SE under the Parkway  °  The Big Lynn Lodge on 226A is also on the ECD.
Highway 226A (parallel to the Parkway) closely follows the ECD westward to Little Switzerland.

Another interesting site is a cabin near Little Pisgah Mtn. also on the ECD.
The water from their back yard flowes to the Gulf and from the front yard, to the Atlantic.

Don't you think some enterprising person should take up this project and map the ECD from North Carolina and beyond!  It's interesting (at least to me) that all the water north-west of the Piedmont drains THROUGH the Smoky Mountains although they reach 6,000 feet altitude.  (One can sit on the back decks of the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the edge of the Piedmont for many miles.)

-Happy Divide trekking.  -jack yeazel