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In no particular order, here's some Psion GPS software. I don't actually own a Psion, so I can't provide reviews.  If you'd like to provide brief reviews, I'd be happy to include (or link to) them here or perhaps you would like to take over maintenance of this site. Contact Dale DePriest.

     Picture of a Psion Series 5 (90 k)
     Picture of a Psion Series 3 (14 k)

Go to Psion software reviews at 3-Lib for lots of software reviews, including GPS, mapping  & navigation
Moving Map
Psi-Mapper - series 3 & 5 (freeware) It's a geographical information system, with basic maps and systems of overlays which can be browsed around and searched.
AutoGPS (freeware).
GeoDis - series 3 & 5 (shareware) - no GPS support in series 5 version
Adhoc Software (shareware/freeware) Moving map program. Runs on Psion 3a, 3c, 3mx & Siena palmtops
RealMaps (shareware) RealMaps offers an alternative approach to GIS/Mapping on the Psion Series 5 and other EPOC32 computers. It has also been ported to the Series 3 (SIBO) platform.
NavSoft Sierra7
(commercial - demo available) Provides VFR/IFR pocket flight planning, Graphical weight and balance, E6b utiltities, Real-time GPS moving maps, Compatible with SERIES 5, 5mx, 7, Revo, Ericsson MC218
Tom Tom (commercial)
Route Planner (formerly EnRoute) & Street planner....
Route Planner - UK & Europe - series 3
Route Planner (Millenium) - UK, Europe & USA - series 5
Street Planner '99 - UK, Europe & USA - series 5 (demo available)

Route Planner Millenium has many new features - see 
 Palmtop Route Planner - What's new

Garmin Protocol
Psigar - series 3 & 5 (shareware) looks pretty good
Psion software - series 3 & 5 (shareware) series 5 GarPsi released May 1, 1999
GarmEdit waypoint editor - series 3
Series 5 BETA version 
(freewaree) NEW:  series 5 version under construction (17/3/00)
Garoute - series 5 or
Garoute - series 5
(shareware) Transfers waypoints to Garmin GPS (macros are provided to make it work with Route Planner / Street Planner.  I've been told that this works well (thanks, Paul).  Version 2 was released in September 1999, and the software is now shareware.

New features (thanks, Ruud): 
GaRoute 2.0 can now read and interpret a Route that you plan on your Psion 5 in RoutePlanner and transfer that route as route or track to your Garmin GPS. It  now no longer depends on Macros: it works on it's own making it easier to install.  Data for routes and waypoints are stored in Psion's standard data application format and no longer in proprietary format.  It can now also create Overlay files (for Street Planner and Routeplanner) from these standard data files.

Yacht navigation (commercial - no demo)
Dolphin Maritime Software (commercial - no demo)
Yachtsman's navigation program - series 3 (shareware)
CoDriver in-car navigation - series 5 (shareware) - read  Help File for explanation of GPS support

 General Psion Sites
Psion's Homepage The manufacturer
RoadTrip- series 3
Still can be found here
Not a GPS app, but interesting (gives voice commands)
NOTE:  Main link broken - anyone have an update?
The 3-Lib Psion and PDA Home Page on the Web The best place to look for reviews & information.
EPOC World Look for the  neat series 5 emulator for MS-Windows here
Tucows Psion software An excellent software archive Software archive
Total Data Capture Psion, WinCE & Palm vendors - lots of reviews & support information

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