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This document includes all of the commands possible on each gps receiver. It is arranged by specifying the dedicated key that will cause the indicated function to appear. Within each function there are commands that are specific to that function which are listed beneath the function itself. These are either shown on the display or reachable using the local menu (The local menu is reached using the menu key or the enter key on units with no menu key.) unless otherwise shown. In addition further hiearchy is shown when available to explain all of the commands. If a key has two functions the one that is obtained by holding down the key for a second is displayed second. The bold entry is the one that is supported by the submenu hierarchy.

Note that the menu system changes from release to release of the firmware so this list is representative but may not match your unit exactly.



G45XL family

G12 family

GIII family

*** To be completed - not corrected for different family members.
00/6/3 initial release
00/6/4 Added III+

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