Garmin cfQue Review

The cfQue 1620 is a new product from Garmin. It consists of a compact flash GPS receiver, the Garmin Que software package, and a vehicle mount. The software is very similar to the previously released iQue product for the Palm. I have a full review of that product. Unlike the Palm version which included both a GPS and a PDA this is an add-on for your existing PDA. I tested it on an iPAQ 3970 using a memplug sleeve to provide the CompactFlash slot.

I will do a complete review of this product at some point but meanwhile I want to provide some information for users considering purchasing the cfQue. Users can read the Palm review to see the same technology as applied to the Palm device. The two units are very simiar except as described below. The screen shown to the left is a snapshot of the cfQue screen. It illustrates that the screen display can be customized. The default screen looks very much like the screen on the Palm except that the resolution of the screen is lower since the Pocket PC screen is 240 x 320 pixels vs. 320 x 480 on the iQue 3600. In practice the screen display is still quite readable.

The customizations include swaping the 'Time to next turn' data with elevation data and adding the arrow to the right of the second line of the display. The data available is fully customizable with lots of display choices and even text size choices. This version of the Que software seems to be a version ahead of that which is currently available on the Palm unit. Hopefully Garmin will release a new version for the Palm to match this new Pocket PC verison. The rest of this review is just some random thoughts I want to capture. I hope they will be helpful.