Mobile Crossing WayPoint Review


Note: This is not an independent review. I am currently employed as a consultant at Mobile Crossing but I believe it is important to provide technical information on this unit. The user can judge for themselves about any bias I might have.

Mobile Crossing has taken a slightly different approach in their GPS Navigation PDA. Most PDA's that are designed for Navigation have the GPS unit built-in. Mobile Crossing decided that it would be desirable to have the GPS upgradeable without having to replace the PDA hardware so they built models with replaceable GPS units and have the navigation software built-in. Thus, they generally behave like one of the PDA's with built-in GPS capabilities. They currently have two models, the model 100 uses a CompactFlash GPS while the model 200 has a Bluetooth unit. Using Bluetooth permits a remote mounting of the GPS receiver which may provide better satellite fixes. Both GPS units support the use of an external antenna if the window does not provide good access of the sky or improved reception is desired for WAAS. Initially I am going to show a bunch of screen snapshot. As you can see this if similar to the Mapopolis software but it includes few differences like automatic day/night and hard coded hardware buttons that do useful things.

Some Screen shots:

Single Button to add locations

Day Screen

Night screen

Bluetooth auto selects GPS

Choose maps by counties
and statewide

Routing directions can
export to friends in html

Route to Favorites

Find Favorite categories

Nearby GAS menu routing

show side streets when not navigating

Quick Find men

Main tools menu

Find Route Command

Show select choices for
Route engine

find locations, etc.

GPS options

Satellite view

GPS status

Map settings options

Built in Maploader

Built in Maploader

Built in Quick Launch

Built in Backup