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By: Dale DePriest

This page supplements my main palm navigation page with software navigation tools that do not support gps. Many of the products on the main page will also work without a gps so you may wish to check there also.

Warning: There are significant changes in the 3.5 version of the OS for palm devices. It is likely that much of the software listed below may require changes to support 3.5. Some of it is known not to work or to have some minor problem due to the 3.5 release others may only work with 3.5 or later particularly if they offer color support. Check with the author or support group if you have questions about this.

Mapping Programs and Services
No gps support

Note that most of the mapping programs listed on the main page in the gps section are also capable of being used without a gps receiver. All of the sites listed in this section include map support but may also have products and capabilities that are useful even if you use a different program for maps. Some of the products listed are just raster image viewers but, of course, maps can be rendered as graphic images.

  • SkyMap
    ETAK and Sony mapping
  • The Windows 95/98 program has gps support for laptops but can download maps only to a palm unit. It uses ETAK maps which are the most complete of any full US coverage maps.
  • Palm Navigator
    A hardware compass and
    raster map support.
  • While not a gps capable program this unit has a free mapping program that supports raster maps you load yourself. There is an electronic compass hardware option that plugs into the bottom of the palm pilot.
  • JungleSoft.
    Another mapping program.
  • A mapping program that features an interface to your address book. It uses vector maps and you scroll using the buttons on your palm. A demo is available. Only major metro areas are supported currently. Formerly called micromap. They also have a separate version that supports color.
  • Palm World
    A low detail map.
  • PalmWorld will show you where in the world a city is located, what the time is there, its phone code, its longitude & latitude and how far away it is. It displays a map of the world with more detailed data for the US and Europe. Shareware.
    An on-line mapping service
    with a palm interface
  • Will create maps and driving directions on-line. These are downloadable to a Palm and viewable using AvantGo.
  • Map Surf
    German mapping program
  • Mapsurf is developed by the German GPS-based navigation and news services for mobile terminals, e.g. Handys or PDAs. The special: The services can be used with all progressive movement means and also by pedestrians. In order to find the potential application type out, the geographical institute developed a Palm by lots in Stuttgart to an on-line questionnaire and drawn among the users pilot. (translated from German)
  • MapInfo
    Data Visualization Maps,
    Spatial Analysis and
  • A mapping plus database program for PC that can export maps and database information to a palm. Very useful when you need to define your own database of information such as customer sites which can then be sent to a wireless palm for dispatch of other uses. Displays both raster and vector maps. Two way communcation can update server with latest data about a customer or other captured information. Road and topo maps are supported as well as thematic maps.
  • JShape
    Java based GIS
    both waba and kvm
  • Real portable GIS systems for palm's. Uses waba or Sun's abbreviated KVM, Java virtual machine to port a java based system to palm devices. Works with GIS ESRI shape files.
  • General graphics viewer
    My favorite is tiny viewer
    It features a zoom key.
  • One of the great things you can do with a pilot graphic viewer is to view maps. Here is a small collection. Or you can make your own from pc files using the Palm Pilot Image Converter.
  • Firepad
    Large image viewer
  • Can create large scrollable color images for the palm with a product called fireviewer. Has a zoom feature called imagepreviewr that will fit the full image on the screen. General purpose image viewer. A companion product FireConverter is needed on the PC to convert images. Can transfer images using the IR port.

    Some mapping images: Europe and Asia.

    Converter for ArcView
    Shape Files
  • This product provides Views2Go which includes conduit that will Convert ArcView shapefile images to be viewed with the Fireviewer product mentioned above.
  • AutoDesk
    OnSite Technolgy
  • Supports Autodesk drawing files, Oracle8i Spatial files, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, Atlas, and CSV (comma separated values). Autodesk OnSite is an end-to-end enterprise business system that delivers interactive map and design information to a mobile workforce.
  • CitySync
    Maps, reviews, attractions
    for major world cities
  • A large database of city informaton with a separate map program. This only covers major world cities but includes attractions, restaurants, hotels, and shops along with reviews. You can add your own notes. Needs lots of palm memory.
  • Jungleport
    Maps, dining, yellow pages
  • A mostly city centered map program that provides a compendium of dining, yellow pages, and maps for tourist or business travelers. The data is download into the palm and is free. Maps can be gotten for any area of interest. It comes with its own viewer.
  • ZBoxZ
    Any file packager
    and data manager.
  • This program is a generalized packager and data manager for palm. It features zip style compession for palm files. It support PNG and GIF images directly (which is why its in this list), but other data is supported as well include FAX images.
  • CityZen
    World Map and
  • CITYZEN is a combination of a world map and a database of country, city, lake and ocean names. You can zoom in and out, move around the map and measure distances using the pen.
  • MapTap
    World Atlas
  • MapTap from Mobile Geographics is a full USA or world atlas. You can download the detail you wish such as city names, road maps, airport locations. VFS is supported.
  • MapMap
  • A GIS program covering the World and some areas with more detail than the world level. These are raster maps and data can be supplemented by the user. This program supports maps and GIS data from MapsGo.

    Navigation Programs and Services
    No gps support

  • City Database
    A collection of city lat/lon.
  • This is a set of city locations in lat/lon form. There are 4 city databases covering the entire USA.
  • Pilot Navigator
    by John Manson
    Celestial navaigation for the
    sun without the need of an
  • Great Circle, Mercator and Mid-latitude calculations, Sun sight reduction calculations, General sight reductions, Time and Degree Conversion, Dead Reckoning Calculations of Final Position, Calculations of the Length of one degree at any Latitude, Time speed distance calculations, Current and Leeway calculator, Apparent and True Wind Calculations. Available at PalmGear (search navigation).
  • Mobile Geographics LLC
    A celestial nav program
  • They have two programs: CelestNav is a calculator for celestial navigation using a sextant. It feature a perpetual nautical almanac. The second is MG229 which is an electronic version of site reductions tables.
  • FlyBy Nav
    A flight planning database
    and supporting program
  • A large database of airport and navaid waypoint data for the US and Canada. The program has search features and planning features that include characteristics of the aircraft. You can also add your own data and add notes to existing data. The output is text only.
  • Traffic Touch
    Traffic information for Palm
  • This is a subscription service for wireless capable palm units such as the Palm VII. You set up your common routes on their web site and then you can "call in" using your palm for instantaeous traffic conditions. This service is available from Etak. Ouput is text only.
  • PIMTech Travel
    Display routes and
    Directions on palm
  • A free route reader that can use download point to point routes from their web site. You can also create your own routes on a pc using the route create program which is not free. Reader has no maps but has turn by turn arrows and instructions.
  • CoPilot Waypoint Database
    An aviation waypoint
    data base
  • A full airport navaid database for US and Canada. It works with the Co-Pilot application available at PalmGear.
  • SoftGPS
    A complete software only
    Global Positioning System
  • Find your location anywhere in the world with no additional hardware!! Typically accurate to within 30 centimeters according to the author. I have seen similar solutions advertised in GPS World. Fully functional expensive shareware.
  • National Geographic
    Trip Planner 2002
  • New version of National Geographic trip planner now supports Palm Pilots. You can download trip planning data to the palm. The main program on the pc supports gps but not the palm. The topo series maps have palm/gps support.
  • Silicon delta
    Compass and Locator
  • Shows a compass based on Sun, Moon, or Star positions. Includes Star maps and World map. Select a location and get distances to major cities.
  • Kiss Ware
  • Another program that can provide a compass based on Sun position
  • Civil Air Patrol
    Grid translater
  • Grid Translator This program will translate lat/lon to grid coordinates on a map. If the above link doesn't work. Click on Operations, Emergency services.
  • BikeBrain
    DED reckoning
    on a Bike
  • This is a hardware and software solution that mounts a palm on your bike and provides a Navigation computer. It uses a wheel sensor to provide DED (deduced) reckoning input to the palm. It supports routes and tracklogs.
  • Navigation Calc
  • A free navigation calculator with source code available.
  • GPS Calc
    GPS calculator
  • This is a gps calculator that translates UTM to lat/lon and back. It understands many datums and can do datum transformations. Also computes distances and can save data as waypoints. This is a shareware program with a 10 day trial.
  • Nav Calc
    Nav calculator
  • Another program from the author of gps calc. This one also computes distances and can save data as waypoints. It can create new waypoints as projections from old ones. This is a shareware program.
  • Ocean Remote Sensing
  • A source for free palm navigation products including a Magnetic variation calculator (MagCalc) and a navigation calculator (Navigate) that computes range and bearing.

    More Places to look

  • A commercial web site devoted to gps products.
  • Pilot Zone
    Travel related Programs
  • Includes a lot of travel related programs including some of those listed at this site. Also try searching for gps.
  • Palm Gear
    A source for gps programs
  • At the left, click on software search and enter gps or navigation. Includes a lot of related programs including many of those listed at this site.
  • PalmInfoCenter
    reviews and info
  • Search for gps or maps or navigtion to find info and reviews on palm products.
  • Eurocool
  • For Europe
  • Handango
  • Good selection for many platforms.
  • Palm Blvd
  • .
  • Palm Spot
  • .
  • PDA Top
  • Good selection for many platforms
  • Palm Source
  • The official Palm software site.
  • Version Tracker
  • .
  • FreeWare Palm
  • Free items
  • Plane and Pilot Magazine
  • Here is a place to vote for your favorite aviation software and perhaps find one you hadn't noticed before.

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