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Working with Garmin - A user manual
palm Palm OS Navigation programs
Pocket PC/WinCE Navigation programs




Additional Topics

Navstar's gpsuser document can be read on a Palm using the Palm pdf reader available from Adobe. This is a large document (1M) that explains all the theory behind gps systems. (Note that is you are using a visor and have trouble with the graphics download a fix from the handspring site.) Here is the original gpsuser document in pdf form suitable for the PocketPC and all other platforms supported by Adobe Acrobat.

For more information on GPS visit: web site for everything gps (all my stuff is there too!)
Peter's web site. for more detail on many items
Andrew's web site for an alternate view of gps topics.
Sam's GPS site for an academic view of gps
Tom Born's site For more Garmin stuff
Karen's site For Mac stuff
E-Z Pass Problem Cars - a list of cars that are likely to have problems receiving gps signals without an external antenna.

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